10.1 Electronic tool information (Diagnostics, re-programming, VCI)


For diagnostics and re-programming of a DAF vehicle you need DAVIE4.

DAVIE4 is DAF’s answer to the new legislation requirements on diagnostics and programming. DAVIE4 is the diagnostic tool to service Euro 3 - 6 and the upcoming DAF vehicle generations. DAVIE4 works on-line, ensuring that the DAVIE4 program and the vehicle software are always up to date. DAVIE4 can work temporarily off-line, for example during roadside assistance. All relevant service information can be consulted in DAVIE4 without the need to access DAF RMI. The navigation structure is based on your workshop process, while the diagnosis is structured by vehicle functionality. DAVIE4 is a user friendly tool: assisting the novice and enabling the specialist.

You can either download and install the DAVIE4 software on your own PC, or purchase a pre-installed Panasonic (semi) ruggedized laptop. You also need a vehicle interface compatible with the standard ISO 22900 that is certified for DAF vehicles. DAF recommends using the DAVIE4 VCI (part number 1912593), which is also available for purchase.

The following DAVIE4 packages are available for purchase.


DAF reference



Panasonic D1 ruggedized tablet
OS Microsoft Windows® 7
DAVIE4 tool software *

Package 1

€ 14.245 

DAVIE4 “CF 31”

Panasonic CF 31 ruggedized laptop
OS Microsoft Windows® 7
DAVIE4 tool software *

Package 2

€ 15.245 

DAVIE4 “CF 53”

Panasonic CF 53 semi ruggedized laptop
OS Microsoft Windows® 7
DAVIE4 tool software *

Package 3

€ 12.745 


Connection wiring


€ 2.495

* Requires a maintenance contract with a subscription fee of € 500,- per quarter.

For a solution on Euro 2 and older vehicle generations, please contact the DAF Trucks N.V. Dealer Systems Helpdesk.

You can purchase your DAVIE4 tool via Support Center.

You must be registered and logged in to ePortal for accessing Support Center.

The following procedure applies for ordering a DAVIE4 tool:

  1. The IO legal representative starts Support Center in ePortal.
  2. In the main menu of Support Center, the IO legal representative selects [Request contact for specific RMI].
  3. In the [Request contact for specific RMI] menu, the IO legal representative selects [Electronic tool information (Diagnostics, Re-programming, VCI)].
  4. The IO legal representative fills out and submits the request form.
  5. The IO legal representative will be contacted for defining the DAVIE4 order.
  6. The IO legal representative will receive the invoice for the requested DAVIE4 tools.
  7. After payment, the ordered DAVIE4 tools will be shipped to the IO legal representative.