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DAF Repair and Maintenance Information

Welcome to the DAF Repair and Maintenance Information website for Independent Operators


This site provides you all the information you need for repair and maintenance activities on DAF trucks, in compliance with regulation EU 2018/858 (as amended).

Free registration is required for getting access to DAF ePortal where you can find the repair and maintenance information. The RMI systems are offered in time based subscriptions per hour, per day, per week, per month or per year and can be purchased with VISA/MasterCard credit cards issued from any of the EU-member states.

For your convenience a standardized navigation is available on this RMI website to support you in finding the most efficient route to the information that you need.



As of 1st of October 2023 DAF has enabled SERMI for Independent Operators for RMI and DAVIE.
Please consider following:

  • SERMI access is being granted by local Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) in European countries.
    Check this website for availability in your country.
  • An IO can only apply at a CAB in his own (European) country for SERMI access.
  • After being registered as an IO our applications will validate your registration with the SERMI TrustCenter at each login. 
    Check this website for more information about the tooling and process.

Please check paragraph 1.7 for more details of the diagnostic tool DAVIE4