2 Payment for RMI access

DAF Truck

You must be registered and logged in to ePortal for purchasing time based access to the repair and maintenance information:

  1. Start the Pay Per View application in ePortal.
  2. Select the shopping cart of the service to which you require access.
  3. To get an overview of the order history click on [Show all requests]

  4. Select the Service to order.
  5. Select the License number (in case of DAVIE4)
  6. Select the time slot for which you require access. The price is shown in Euros.
  7. Click “Add to Shopping Cart” to add the service to the shopping cart.
  8. Until you have confirmed the order by pushing the button “order”, the item can still be deleted from your shopping cart.

  9. Select [Order] to start the payment procedure.
  10. Complete your purchase request in Ogone.
  11. Enter the name of the cardholder.
  12. Enter “Credit Card number” and “Card verification code” (see What is this for information about the card verification code)
  13. Confirm payment.
  14. After confirmation, the Pay Per View Request overview is shown. 
  15. Close the Pay Per View application and click on [Home] to refresh the ePortal page.