1.1 Register IO for use of the VM RMI system

DAF Multisupport

Registration is required for getting access to DAF Trucks repair and maintenance information. Upon approval of your registration, your account will be activated and you can access ePortal. In ePortal you can purchase access to the various DAF RMI applications for different time units.

The following procedure applies for the IO registration:

  1. Fill out the web form with your company information and the legal representative information. Do not forget to include the requested attachments. You can choose your preferred user ID to be used for the ePortal login.
  2. Your registration request will be processed as soon as possible and you will receive a message after your account has been activated. You will receive the user ID and an initial password in separate mails.
  3. At the first login to ePortal, you will be requested to change the initial password. You can now set your preferred password. After accepting the legal terms and conditions, you can start using ePortal.