5. Payment

  1. What do I need to pay for?
    You need to pay for time based access to the DAF repair and maintenance information. The purchase is valid for the selected service and the selected duration.

  2. What payment options are available?
    You can purchase time based access to the DAF repair and maintenance information per hour, per day, per week, per month or per year.

  3. What does it cost to buy access to repair and maintenance information?
    The prices are depending on the service and on the duration. You can find the overview in the section Payment for DAF RMI access.

  4. How can I pay?
    You can only pay by credit card.

  5. What credit cards are accepted?
    Only MasterCard and VISA are accepted.

  6. Will VAT be charged?
    VAT will only be charged between two parties within the same county. DAF Trucks as a Dutch company will only charge VAT to Dutch clients.
    VAT will not be charged between parties in two different countries.

  7. Will I receive an invoice?
    You will receive an invoice on a monthly basis for all licenses over the last month.