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4.3 Navigate using product structure


You must be registered and logged in to ePortal for navigating through the repair and maintenance information using the product structure.

You must purchase time based access to DAF RMI.

The information types that can navigated using the product structure in DAF RMI for a VIN are:

  • Workshop procedures
  • Spare parts
  • Labour times

Use to following procedure to access your requested information type for a VIN:

  1. Start DAF RMI in ePortal.
  2. By default, DAF RMI starts in the [Asset specific] view.

  3. Enter your 17-digit vehicle identification number or the 8-digit DAF number.
  4. A successful vehicle identification is confirmed by showing the ID card with the main characteristics.
  5. Select a main group for navigation using the product structure.

  6. Select a component group for further navigation.
    Select the left hand side of a component group for accessing all related parts.

  7. Select the right hand side of a component group for accessing all related workshop procedures.