1.5 Request to de-register IO employee

DAF Multisupport

You must be registered and logged in to ePortal for de-registering an IO employee. As an IO legal representative you can de-register IO employees for access to the DAF repair and maintenance information. 

You must use Support Center in ePortal to submit the request. DAF will process the de-registration.

The following procedure applies for the IO employee registration:

  1. The IO legal representative starts Support Center in ePortal.
  2. In the main menu of Support Center, the IO legal representative selects [User Administration].
  3. In the [User Administration] menu, the IO legal representative selects [Request to de-register IO employee].
  4. The IO legal representative fills out and submits the request form with the IO employee information.
  5. Your registration request will be processed as soon as possible and the IO legal representative will receive a message when the account has been de-activated.